Digital Advertising and Personal Computers Development

Datran Media’s Annual Marketing & Media Survey, which polled more than 5,000 marketing executives from Fortune 500 brands, leading publishers and advertising and media agencies in 2010 reported the steady rise in advertising spend by companies in the coming years.  

There are many employment opportunities for those looking to break into the digital marketing industry.

While computer programming knowledge doesn’t seem to be a must have, it would be a nice to have. What is more important is to have marketing skills, especially knowledge in online marketing. Industry experts share a few tips for aspiring digital marketers. Presented below are their suggestions:

1. Add Marketing Experience to your resume

A degree in marketing or communications will help. But most employers are seeking candidates with marketing experience, could be from a previous job, or internship. “Any hands-on involvement with campaign creation, analytics, or optimization can be extremely beneficial to aspiring digital marketers,” says Traci Kuiphoff, online marketing manager at

For those in school, the best way to gain experience is to do an internship at a digital marketing company or agency that has a department focusing on online marketing.

2. Learn the industry language

Analyzing marketing campaigns and understanding what worked or what didn’t is the main job function of a digital marketer — to do which, familiarity with the industry jargon is required.

Analyzing user behavior, knowing how to gather and interpret data is important for success in the online marketing world. Mastering the lingo will take time and practice, meanwhile you can dig the internet for terminologies to prepare yourself.

3. Build your own Online Presence

A candidate’s online presence can be an important deciding factor when choosing between two aspiring digital marketers. If an employer knows you can manage your personal brand, they will have the confidence that you can manage theirs too. Build your personal brand online. Your personal brand is value-added in the job market.

Computers Programming and Digital Marketing

Computers Programming and Digital Marketing

4. Jack of all trades, specialist in something

Once in the industry, try working with all disciplines including affiliate, social media, mobile, display marketing. It will give you an understanding of all the avenues and can help you later choose one of the verticals for specializing.

5. Attend meetings, conferences

Networking is important in any industry. It leads to better relationships and hence gains that can translate into more opportunities later in your career.

6. Keep pace with the developments

Most industries today are dynamic. In a digital world, where rapid technological changes are affecting how consumer behaves, it is important to stay abreast of consumers behavioral trends. Stay ahead of the herd by following news and reading blogs.

7. Get technical

Coding or programming skills won’t be required. But you will have to communicate with developers and designers. A basic knowledge of one or two programming languages, HTML or PHP, JavaScript or CSS, will help.

8. Design your resume well 

Create a resume that “stands out”. Actually, we mean one that sets you apart. Highlight your strengths, get a few certifications, and add references and internships. Don’t forget to use keywords.